As a Pentecostal Church, we at Word of Life enjoy...

Energetic, Passionate Worship
Our times of corporate worship are very important to us.  When you attend a worship service, you will likely see people in all manners of dress, but you will also see a congregation passionate about worshipping their God. Clapping, raising our hands, dancing, shouting, and kneeling are all expressions of worship that you may experience in a worship service at Word of Life.

Regular Prayer for the Sick
We also firmly believe that the God who healed people in the Bible can still heal today. We do not hesitate to pray for God'
miraculous healing, and wait expectantly to see His power manifested in situations we bring before Him.

Bible-Based Preaching
At Word of Life, the Bible is the ultimate authority and the only true Word of God. It is proclaimed unashamedly from our pulpit, and all our teaching and preaching is founded solely on the truths found in its pages.

Children's & Youth Programs
At Word of Life, we believe that training up our children and teens in the knowledge of God is vitally important. As our culture becomes more depraved, the need for the next generation to be firmly grounded in the Word of God is increasingly urgent. Through our Sunday morning Sunday school classes and Children's Church, and our Wednesday evening Programs, our children learn vital truths about God, His Word, and His Church.  Likewise, our Sunday school small group and Youth Ministries strive to develop and solidify our teens' values, ethics, and morals on the basis of the Scriptures. Teens are 
taught to defend their faith, and are also given ministry opportunities both within and outside the church.

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